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Welcome to the Ecobliss webshop for stock blisters and stock PET boxes

Ecobliss offers a wide range of clamshell blisters from stock

Clamshell blisters are among the most successful blister types available in today’s market. They are easy to use and offer perfect product protection. It is possible to re-open them, but clamshell blisters can also be sealed to achieve excellent theft protection. Together with a printed insert card, a stock blister forms a perfect high-visibility presentation on the shelf.

A clam shell blister that suits your product

Ecobliss has designed a range of standard blisters which you will find in this webshop. If you’re not able to find a suitable blister for your product, Ecobliss offers the unique possibility of customising the standard blisters that are available in our assortment. Ecobliss offers a low-cost solution for a perfectly fitting blister for your product. If you want to learn more about the option of customising a standard blister, please go to the How To Customise page.

Ecobliss also offers PET boxes from stock

PET boxes are often used because they add a lot of “gift value” to products. Your product is 100% visible inside a PET box. In combination with a custom-made printed insert card to display product and brand information, it creates a highly attractive presentation.


In the Ecobliss webshop you will not only find a large variety of stock clamshell blisters and PET boxes in many sizes and shapes but also appropriate accessories such as:

  • printed blister insert cards and printed PET box interiors to show relevant product or company information;
  • hang tags to hang your PET boxes in a rack rather than only placing them on a shelf;
  • alarm tags (AM and RF) and sealing devices to minimise the risk of theft.

Check out our webshop to find everything you need for creating the best high-visibility packaging for your product.

Environmentally friendly

The plastic from which all Ecobliss clamshell blisters and PET boxes are made can be easily separated by the consumer from the paper or paper board insert cards or box interiors after opening the pack. The standard Ecobliss clamshell blisters are made of recyclable transparent PET GAG, and the standard PET boxes are made of recyclable transparent A-PET.

Call us for assistance

If you would like to talk to someone for advice, please feel free to call our office during office hours (8.30 am - 5.00 pm CET) at +31 475 390 550. We can give you good advice in Dutch, English, German or French.